Team Building

Team Building Activities

Supercharge Your Team.

Our team building activities drive employee engagement and business results!

Cultivate an All-Star Team

Amplify the effectiveness of your team through high-energy team building activities designed around the principles of improvisational comedy (where teamwork is crucial), applied to the business setting.

1. Business Results

Watch your team become a well-oiled machine optimized to execute on your company goals.

2. Problem-Solving

Tap into the full potential of your team’s creative problem-solving capacity.

3. Communication

Maximize your team’s ability to communicate constructively and become more productive.

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About Our Team

We are a team of professional improvisers with over two decades of combined coaching and performance experience at top theaters in the US as well as extensive tenure in organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to high-tech startups to non-profits. We know the business environment well and understand how improvisation skills can be applied in the workplace to create tremendous benefits. Our team building activities are ideal for groups that want to perfect their communication skills, creative problem solving, alignment, engagement, focus, and much more!

Team Building Activities