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Random Improv Game


1. Pick two people from the group to be “storytellers” and two to be “mimes.” The rest will be the “audience.” Get a suggestion from the audience.

2. The two storytellers will then tell a story based on the suggestion, taking turns. One storyteller, starts with some good, positive thing e.g., “Once upon a time Mary had a beautiful little lamb.” Then the other storyteller tells the next part of the story, but it is all negative, so, “Unfortunately, the lamb had a peg leg.” The first storyteller, “Fortunately, Mary opened the leg and the lamb produce Skittles.” Other player: “Unfortunately, Skittles were illegal in Greece, where they lived, and Mary and the lamb were sent to farmer’s prison.” and so on. The two mimes mime out the story as it happens.

3. Continue for 3-5 minutes until someone from the audience yells “next.” Then select four more people from the audience and repeat until everyone has gone at least once.