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Random Improv Game


1. Divide the group into two sub-groups (A and B). Stand in two lines facing each other (with enough room in between for a scene to take place).

2. One person from sub-group A steps in and says something mundane/everyday (e.g., it’s sunny, my hair is brown, I’m tall, etc.). Then one person from group B also steps in and for ~30 seconds says nothing, but demonstrates a strong emotion (e.g., happiness, anger, sadness, etc.). After demonstrating this emotion he/she opens the scene by saying something in reaction to person A’s statement (and imbued with the emotion he/she was demonstrating). The scene goes on from there for 3-5 minutes. When the scene is done, person A goes to side B and person B goes to side A (i.e., they go to the sides opposite from which they came from).

3. Repeat until everyone has had a chance to play each role (side A and side B) at least once.